Cambridge SF Workshop

A Growing, Excited Workshop

The Cambridge SF Workshop was created in spring of 1980 by Steven Popkes, Mary Aldridge, Steven Caine and Madeleine Robins.

It grew out of an SF workshop that was being held at the Boston Center for Adult Education. Steven Popkes had attended Clarion SF Workshop the previous year and had joined the BCAE workshop as something similar. After a year Kathleen Romer, who had been running the BCAE workshop decided she was done with it. The four of us decided to strike out on our own.

Over the years members have left, new members have joined and the workshop has matured. Of the original four, only Steven Popkes is still a member but all are still active in the SF community in different capacities. Several members, both current and historical, have won Nebulas and/or Hugo awards. Best sellers and New York Times Notable Books have come out of the workshop effort.

We do it. We like it. It works.